Industrial Application Products

Boron Carbide Abrasive Powders and Grains

Boron Carbide is a super hard abrasive material, next only to diamond and cubic boron nitride in hardness. It simply outclasses the conventional abrasives like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide with its superlative and cost effective performance.

Boron Carbide finds extensive applications in the Hard Metals (Carbides) industry, in the production of Tools & Machine Components, in Finishing/Lapping of numerous items, in ultrasonic drilling, in nuclear reactors for neutron absorption as an antioxidant in refractories, in welding for manufacturing hard facing electrodes and also in rocket propellants and armoured plates.

Principal Application Areas

Tools and Machine Components

  • Reversible cutting tool tips.
  • Valves and valve seats.
  • Cylinder heads and liners.
  • Cutting and punching tools.
  • Gauges, cutters and reamers.
  • Hardened seating and bearings.

Hard Metals (Carbides)

  • Wire drawing dies.
  • Extrusion dies.
  • Work rest blades.
  • Cold heading tools hammer heads.
  • File cutting chisels.

Finishing / Lapping

  • Castings & metal surfaces.
  • Forging & swaging dies.
  • Optical lenses & prisms.
  • Sintered ceramic items.
  • Compacting press tools.
  • Natural & synthetic gem stones.

In Refractories

  • Boron Carbide is Oxidation inhibitor and is therefore used to reduce Carbon Loss and porosity.

In Ceramics & Other Hard Materials

  • For Polishing and finishing of oxide &non-oxide ceramics, Quartz, optical glass etc.
  • Used for Ultra Sonic drilling and machining of ceramics and carbides.

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