Vajrabor Hot Pressed Boron Carbide Powder

Hot Press Grade Boron Carbide Powder Specifications

Vajrabor Hot Press (HP) Grade Powder is developed and manufactured specifically for use in hot
pressing applications. These powders are made by a proprietary process which control particle
shape, distribution and chemical characteristics for better hot pressing and manufacture of high
density components. Our HP Grade powders are successfully being used by manufacturers of
boron carbide components in Europe and India. Our powders are ideally suited for end products
into the nuclear shielding and armour applications given their high purity

Standard HP Grades widely used by our customers for hot pressing:

Product Properties Vajrabor HP1.5 Vajrabor HP3.5
Median (d50), micron 1.5 + - 0.5 3.5 + - 0.5
d10, micron <0.6 < 1.5
d90, micron < 5.0 < 8.0
d100, micron < 9.0 <12.0
Specific Surface Area cm2/cc 25000-35000 48000-60000
Skewness <1.0 <1.0

Chemical Composition: All our powders are compliant with ASTM C 750 Type 1 specifications

Constituent Composition, weight %
Total Boron 81.0 max
76.5 min
HNO3 Soluble Boron 0.6 max
Water Soluble Boron 0.2 max
Flouride 25 micro gm/ gm max
Chloride 75 micro gm/ gm max
Calcium 0.3 max
Iron 1.0 max
Water 750 micro gm/gm max
Al < 3000ppm
Mg < 1500ppm
Si < 1500ppm
Total Boron + Carbon Content 98% min

We also customize our powders for particle size distribution and chemical composition based on
the customer requirement.