Products & Markets

Industrial Application Products

Boron Carbide India’s material knowledge and manufacturing capabilities are used to produce custom and commodity products for solving materials related problems in diverse environments.

Nuclear Application products

Boron Carbide is an important material for nuclear applications due to its high neutron absorption property. Boron Carbide doesn’t contain decay products with a long half-life and high-energy secondary radioactive materials and is a very stable material. Hence it is ideal for use in Nuclear Applications.

Defense Application Products

BHUKHANVALA INDUSTRIES ADVANCED CERAMICS DIVISION is a vertically integrated manufacturer of raw powders, sintered and hot pressed ceramics for their patented armor technology. Whether it is body armor plates with compound curvature, tile products for mosaic armor construction, or large plates for panel systems and aircraft armor, BHUKHANVALA INDUSTRIES ADVANCED CERAMICS DIVISION is advanced ceramic materials are the foundation of the worlds lightest armor systems for small and medium caliber protection. Our plates have been successfully used in Body Armour, Helicopter Armour, Naval vessels andVehicular Armour.